Brane Marketing serves the role of influential superconnector with relevant distribution partners, brand clients, and investors in the Latin America region (LATAM). We specialize in:


  • Activating or enhancing distribution strategy within the LATAM region

  • Penetrating the LATAM market within a targeted industry vertical

  • Finding strategic LATAM partners for JVs, or securing local venture funding

  • Delivering personalized consulting regarding the LATAM market and entry options

Who is Brane Marketing?


We possess a deep local business network that has been acquired over several decades of operating at the highest executive levels in LATAM, encompassing a wide range of industry verticals. The network includes hundreds of the region's largest brands as well as relationships with dozens of private equity investors.  

Why Brane Marketing


Navigating the LATAM business environment can be daunting for US and international firms. It is often challenging to devote any time to LATAM market analysis, developing a commercialization strategy, or finding a key partner in the region. The search for LATAM distribution options is often delayed or discarded, even though many US brands intuitively know that the region could represent a significant and profitable market for their products.

For example, the massive scale of Brazil’s businesses is one of the largest on the planet.  This applies to all traditional verticals – from Banking/Fintech, to Telecommunications, Transportation, Health Care, Retail, Cyber Security, and Crypto/Blockchain.



We will assign resources in LATAM that will deliver matchmaking options in terms of clients, partners, or investors that are a good fit for your firm. We can also advise on a LATAM-entry strategy or provide other targeted relevant consulting as needed. 

Brane Marketing can also host and facilitate visits to the region in order to meet potential partners, and close business deals. Meetings with the POC’s within the local LATAM companies will be arranged prior to your arrival. Introductions will only be made to those LATAM parties that express an interest in meeting with the US firm, and have been vetted for relevance, fit, and interest.  

We can also serve as resource for local travel arrangements and guidance.


If an agreement is reached between the US/International company and a LATAM partner, Brane Marketing will seek to retain a commission or royalty from the deal. Our interest will be success-based only.