We live in an era of exponential technological progress.  On a global scale at any given moment, technology is literally evolving at the speed of thought. Beyond where we’ve already arrived in 2020, more changes are expected over the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years. The rate of change only keeps accelerating.  

What this means for businesses is binary. In a world where digital and technological disruption has become the norm, either businesses will keep up, or they won’t. Feast or famine. 


Internal R&D investment can realistically only solve a fraction of the challenges a company faces, due to expense and timing constraints, so leaders often look for external solutions. It is feasible for corporate executives, strategists, and visionaries to keep an eye on the mega-shifts in order to find options. However, many individual opportunities for advancement can be hidden from view. At the same time in other parts of the ecosystem, emerging innovation finds itself often struggling with the challenges of educating the marketplace, finding distribution, and closing sales.  


Brane Marketing serves the role of influential super connector between next-generation emerging technology solutions and relevant distribution partners, brand clients, and investors. These connections are precisely targeted to either solve a specific business challenge or enable incremental profitable growth, while bypassing the expense of direct Development or R&D.

Our leverage:

  • Caliber and range of our network.

  • Extensive and continuous monitoring of technology and marketing trends.

  • Creative conceptualization of the application of emerging technology options into specific industry verticals.

  • Decades of experience building companies, breaking through into new markets, and monetizing innovation and technology.

  • Flexibility in terms of compensation options, which are most often success-based.


Brane Marketing will identify and activate optimized pathways after a creative and analytic vetting process, ultimately leading to significant value creation for the connected parties.


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