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We live in an era of exponential technological progress.  On a global scale at any given moment, technology is evolving at the speed of thought. More changes are expected over the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years. Yet emerging innovation finds itself struggling with educating the marketplace and finding distribution.  


Brane Marketing serves the role of influential super-connector, enabling new business opportunities for next generation emerging technology and delivering go-to-market strategies, clients, and investors. These connections are precisely targeted to either solve a specific business challenge or expand our clients' profitable growth.

Our leverage:

  • Caliber and range of our network.

  • Extensive and continuous monitoring of marketing and technology trends.

  • Creative conceptualization of the application of emerging technology options.

  • Decades of experience building companies and monetizing innovation.

  • Flexibility in terms of compensation, including success-based components.


Brane Marketing identifies and activates optimized pathways, ultimately leading to significant value creation for the connected parties.


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