The pace of innovation and technology development will continue to drive business models towards becoming increasingly more dynamic and transient, versus embedded and predictable. Businesses that do not keep up with technological advances relevant to their industry space can expose themselves to costly competitive disadvantage.

"We've entered a period of upheaval, driven by connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation. The changes affect the world of business so profoundly that every company is now a tech company." 

- Christopher Mims, The Wall Street Journal, Tue Dec 4th, 2018

Brane Marketing helps businesses navigate the speed of change. We create competitive advantage via brokered partnerships and connections with next-generation technologies and marketing solutions that integrate synergistically with your products and services.


Brane Marketing LLC connects your Brand with technology and marketing channel options that deliver breakthrough value. We broker turnkey solutions via optimized direct connections with providers and partners, under various compensation models such as Retained Services or Royalties. 


A core specialty of Brane Marketing is enabling connections in Latin America. We leverage a deep and powerful network within hundreds of the region’s largest brands and private equity funds. This allows US and international brands to activate a new LATAM commercial strategy, penetrate the local market, find strategic partners for JV’s, or secure local venture funding.


We are proudly involved with strategic projects that integrate our marketing expertise with forward and disruptive thinking, and leverages a profound understanding of societal trends. Brane Marketing invests in projects that have a wide, ambitious, and positive impact within our society.