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Brane Marketing helps businesses navigate the speed of change. We deliver competitive advantage via customized go-to-market and distribution strategies.


Our M&A arm, Brane Consulting, can also play a role to help connect businesses with select investor groups and funding sources for growth.

Our network of ai-powered technology partners represents the core of our solution delivery.

"We've entered a period of upheaval, driven by connectivity, artificial intelligence and automation. The changes affect the world of business so profoundly that every company is now a tech company." 

- Christopher Mims, The Wall Street Journal, Tue Dec 4th, 2018


Brane Marketing LLC connects your Brand with breakthrough sales and marketing channels. We broker turnkey solutions via connections with key partners, under various low-risk compensation models. 


A core specialty of Brane Marketing is enabling connections in Latin America. We leverage a powerful network within hundreds of the region’s largest brands and venture funds to activate LATAM commercial strategies, help international brands penetrate the local market, or secure local venture funding.


Our M&A team facilitates targeted introductions with vetted investor groups for companies seeking venture investment or a full exit. We accompany the process from initial intro, through negotiation, due diligence, and final agreement.  

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